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Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter for the Landscaper

I get asked from time to time through the winter "what is it that landscapers do during the winter?"  We do refer to it as the off season, but it's the last thing from actually being unemployed.  There is a tremendous amount of preparatory work looking to the upcoming production season.  We service the equipment and replace all wear parts, order replacement or upgrade tools, begin ordering materials for fertilization programs, we investigate mulch pricing and suppliers, complete landscape designs, get price lists on plants, and generally get wound up for spring.  We also do a little bit of snow removal work, but this has been really a wash this winter.  Winter--particularly late winter is the best time to perform hard pruning on many species of deciduous shrubs.  With the mild winter, we have done a number of these rejuvenations and still have opportunity for more as long as the snow is not deep contact us with questions and availability.  We do perform some tree removal where we work alongside our tree sub Stowe Tree Experts.  Winter is a great time to do hazardous removals as the ground is frozen and we can move in heavier equipment with little or no landscape damage.

Most importantly in the winter we get to spend more time with our families and enjoy the minutia of daily life.  Today is my daughter's birthday and we had a wonderful time in the afternoon skiing, swimming, and spending time as a family.  From our family to yours we look forward to working with you this coming season.

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